Transform Waste to Treasure Sustainably

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Transform Waste to Treasure Sustainably

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Transform Waste to Treasure Sustainably

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What we do

Bullion Tech has developed a novel technology aimed to revolutionise the current ways of handling electronic waste. Our simple, cost-effective solution reduces carbon footprint and can treat any grade or type of scrap boards. We have changed the game of recovering high-value materials from waste electrical and electronic components that were previously lost in inefficient and out of date processing methods.

Much higher yield of any metal content as compares to current recoveries.

Able to recover lead, copper, tin and silver, all of which remain unrecovered when smelting process is used.

Much lower capital and operating cost than smelting.

80% lower energy consumption compared to smelting. Helps as a pre-smelt process to reduce workable volume.

100% secured plastic separation from PCB.

99.9% of inputs and outputs are recycled or re-used.

Who We Are

Bullion Tech works as a solution provider to waste management, recycling and industrial factories worldwide.

Global consumption of electronics is rapidly increasing. The EU alone produces 11.6 million tonnes of discarded WEEE annually. The industry is also compound by illegal exportation and inappropriate donations of electronic equipment from developed to developing countries. The practice of exportation has become commonplace for several reasons. High labour costs and strict environmental regulations for hazardous waste disposal motivates the exportation of e-waste to less developed and less regulated countries. However, many developing countries lack facilities, technology and resources needed to recycle or dispose of e-waste. The use of primitive techniques, such as incineration and smelting, is plausible to some, but it still poses threats to people’s well-being, and to the environment.

Bullion Tech was inspired to create an innovative technology that would improve existing practices and standard operating procedures.

Through Bullion Tech’s Silver, PCB and CRT Lead recovery systems, hassles of exportation to places with inefficient practices diminishes, allowing a safer, cleaner and more efficient technology to recycle waste. The use of extensive knowledge and processes ensure that maximum values for metals get extracted from the waste stream. The avoidance of disposal via landfill or incineration reduces air, ground and water pollution, which benefits the environment.

Bullion Tech’s team consists of experienced science and engineering professionals, with in-depth knowledge of precious metal recycling. The company has state-of-art engineering laboratory facilities and equipment, and R&D industrial investments in the form of grants.

Our Services

Silver Recovery [X-Ray Film]

Here at Bullion Tech, our advanced technological processes allow us to offer secure destruction and refining route for the recovery of all silver from X-Ray film. Our Precious Metals Recovery System has a silver recovery efficiency of 98% via a ‘Closed Loop’ chemical process. It is a zero-waste process and leaves a residual product of a very high-quality PET plastic. By using our unique processing plant here in the UK, customers can be assured that all materials will be processed in a secure, low ecological impact facility. Our systems have gone through rigorous testing at every stage of its development and are anchored by the ISO standards 9001, 140001, and 2701, ensuring that sensitive data is handled correctly and in accordance with the required data protection legislation. All sensitive data is destroyed to EN1573 standards and we are also able to offer a full IL5/IL6 secure destruction service.

PCB Recovery

Our ground-breaking technology is the first ever process that can recover all precious and base metals from whole PCB’s in one step. Keeping the PCBs whole allows components to fall off, thus enabling more efficient recovery. The process extracts gold and palladium and recovers lead, copper, and tin, all of which remains uncovered when smelting process is used. We gather 97% metal recovery compared to 85% by whole PCB smelting and that equates to 279 tonnes p.p.p.a. Our process uses propriety chemicals and ultrasonic agitation to generate a cleaner, richer mixed metal ‘cake’ that greatly simplifies the refining of all contained metals. It can be used to treat any grade of scrap boards. Another interesting distinctive, quality is that our technology allows to cleanly recover Glass Reinforced Plastic for reuse, which is currently not achievable since GRPs are burnt down during smelting. Lower energy use also makes our process better compared to other processes on the market.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Lead Recovery

Bullion Tech’s solution demonstrates significant advantages over existing processes as we can recover 99.9% of the lead from CRT glass and produce a valuable, clean by-product – sodium silicate- that has many industrial uses, instead of industrial slag. The process uses bespoke chemical solutions to isolate and precipitate metals, accelerated through ultrasonic agitation. It is more cost, time and energy-efficient than smelting (for lead extraction) and high-temperature furnace manufacturing (for sodium silicate). Our unique developed process for CRT recovery solution is proven, and capable of processing 5000 tonnes of material per annum.

Auto Catalyst

Current ways of recycling automotive catalysts involve both integrated smelting processes and dedicated high-temperature electric furnaces. Pyrometallurgical methods heat up these waste materials with the goal of separating and recovering Platinum Group Metals (PGM) from undesired materials. However, such methods generate tremendous detrimental impact on the environment due to the hazardous products released. Furthermore, the extreme energy requirement to process the waste is not worth compared to the amount it recovers. With Bullion Tech’s Autocatalyst service, the need to incinerate is eliminated and instead use bespoke chemical solution and ultrasonic agitation to produce the PGMs in a liquid which can be filtered to isolate the metals, resulting in a much higher recovery rate. Successfully performed test trials, lasting six months, ensured that the technology has optimised process efficiency.


Jonathan Quinn – Chairman
Katie Hamm
Chandrasekhar Daas
Simon Hundal - Director
Vighnesh Daas - Director
John Quinn


Reduced environmental impact

Safe recycling of e-waste prevents toxic and hazardous materials leaching into our soil and water.

Reduced emissions

More than 99% reduction in CO2 and CO produced saving 2 083 tonnes per plant per annum by eliminating PCB smelting.

Reduced waste

672 tonnes of Glass Reinforced Plastic recovered for use as a filler per plant per annum.

Conserves natural resources

Recovered valuable materials from waste electronics can be used to create new products, reducing the need to extract more raw materials from the earth.

Lower energy consumption

Reduces energy consumption by 5.23 million kWh vs smelting by saving 5.455 kWh per tonne of PCB.

Saves landfill space

By recycling these items, the need for dumping in landfills is reduced.

Smarter metals flow control

Our formula solubilises tin, precipitates silver, and adjustment of pH precipitates all remaining metals from solution. Metals are easily recovered without burning off the resin.

Novel hydrometallurgy technique

Use of ultrasonic agitation speeds up the rate of dissolution up to 20-fold.


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Bullion Tech has now taken its business and solutions beyond the shores of the UK. With our patent applied solutions being highly sought after, we work closely with the Department for International Trade in growing territories in the EU, USA, Middle-East and most importantly, the Commonwealth.


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Bullion Tech is a constituent of Quinnovations' innovative companies. Quinnovations is a group of technology companies set up by Jonathan Quinn with a focus to inspire, lead and improve local communities by enhancing the environment and the economy. It aims to develop devices and technologies that benefit all who use them and, those who don't.